We are continuously looking for new writers. We would like to listen to any innovative thoughts you could have to encourage our readers and develop our area. However, there’s no need to look ahead to an idea to revolutionize internet design. Just try and provide our readers with a distinct standpoint on a subject that has been bothering you at night via write for us a guest post.
But let’s be honest: writing for ReadersPrime calls for the attempt. What we want from you is to ensure that your article/blog is at the highest caliber possible.
After the article is accepted, our team of editors will share their feedback accordingly with you.
It’s additionally pleasing to see you write for us creative writing. Your writings will be read by hundreds of your friends, as well as possible employers, clients, or publishers. In the process, you will learn a lot during the same, communicating your thoughts, and even the situation you began with you believed you knew so much about.

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What are we searching for?

You can put up an outline on the facet of a rough draft, partial draft, or quick pitch—a paragraph or two that summarizes your argument and why it relates to our readers when you decide to write for us. The more clarified your submission is, the greater insightful feedback we are capable of providing. Remember that we best put up real content material; something that has been posted in a few different places (which includes on your blog) will no longer be set up.

Note: The article is expected to be free from grammatical errors and we have the authority to edit or remove the article if it is not performing well or does not meet our guidelines.

Check out our style manual and recent articles for ideas on a way to format and organize your articles before submitting when you decide to write to us about technology and make sure that your submission:

– Possesses a thesis and presents a resounding argument, not best a set of advice.
Has a voice. Be audacious, fascinating, and actual.
– Is supposed for readers who work as designers, developers, records architects, content strategists, or in associated fields.
– Is backed up with the aid of strong arguments in place of simply subjective reviews. Verify your facts, and consist of important citations when you complete Write for us lifestyle


Content that we accept should follow these guidelines –

  • Article lengths vary, starting from a minimum of 1000 words, contingent on the intricacy of the topic when you have plans to blog write for us.
  • For tutorials and posts that require much less effort, articles could have an extra casual tone and content material, or they can be meticulously edited and established.
  • Each one ought to be a thoughtful research of contemporary and progressive web industry topics.
  • There can be just one self-serving link. A connection to your website or any other social networking channel in the writer’s bio, or a link to a pertinent and educational resource (such as a blog post) within the article’s body (please follow link). Links to related posts from the Create blog are available, and they could strengthen the content of the article. However, kindly abstain from over-linking. Generally speaking, it’s preferable to have less than two links one will be do follow and the other will be no follow.
  • Links that go out must be pertinent to our blog. For instance, it is not permitted to connect to websites that promote credit, dating services, SEO companies, etc.
  • You are not allowed to publish something on your blog after it has been published on ours.
  • Videos and images are welcome since they draw the reader in and enhance the article’s appeal.
  • When uploading images, be mindful not to infringe on anyone’s rights. As needed, give credit.
  • For submission of your suggestion for an article, please email us at officialreadersprime@gmail.com

How to document (in addition to what comes subsequent)?

Send us an electronic mail with your contribution. We decide on Google document submissions so that editors can effortlessly offer pointers and route right within your draft when you finish with your technology write for us guest post.

What occurs once you click Send is as follows:

  • After reading your submission, an editor will determine if it meets the guidelines of our website once you complete seo write for us. If so, anyone in the team will look at and discuss the same. This occurs once every week.
  • After accumulating the feedback of the team, the editor will reply to you with notes. (We do not usually take delivery of articles on the first try, however, we can help you understand if we’ve got any interest.)
  • Send back your updated draft after you have considered our remarks.
  • After discussion among the team members, the group will assist you to know whether or not or no longer accept it.
  • The editor will work closely with you on things like argumentation, organization, and style after we accept your article after you write for us travel content.
  • We’ll arrange for your publication as quickly as the edits are finished. Until the article is nearly geared up to head stay, we are unable to provide you with a selected publication date.
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