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about us
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Readers Prime is an emerging blogging platform that aims to create a diversified range of content that can be your guide, source of knowledge, query solver, and help satisfy your curiosity. Words are the most powerful, weapons or medicine sometimes, and they can leave you motivated or drastic, happy, sad, or even angry. At Readers Prime, we decided to use them to give our readers the knowledge and enlightenment they deserve. 

Starting as a duo of two curious writers, we are now a squad of resourceful bloggers aiming to educate, inform, and offer quality reading time to our audience. How and what we write depends upon what our readers think.

Because “We write everything! Everything that’s on your mind.” 

We like the thought of our readers enlightening themselves with our crafted content. We love to mold our thoughts into the written form of words to share what we want. For us the satisfaction is our audience having some quality reading time while relaxing their minds and absorbing knowledge

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