The real journey of a student starts after class 12th, and that’s when they realize life is not as simple as they have imagined. With all the hardships, the most critical decision after completing their education is to decide upon the best career option for their future. A simple question that has a tricky answer to it. 

The current world offers highly lucrative career options after class 12th commerce. Students have numerous choices to select from. But only one would be the best if it is the right one. Students must consider their skills and basic understanding to choose a career option. Let’s explore what career options class 12th commerce students have. 

Best Career Options After 12th Commerce
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Best Career Options After Class 12th Commerce Student for a Better Future: 

1. Entrepreneurship

You can adapt the idea of corporate entrepreneurship, meaning you will be indulged in thinking and implementing a unique business idea having the potential to be profitable. You can think of selling any product, service, or business model. The road to becoming a successful entrepreneur is very bumpy, but if you have the guts to hold it together, then you can win. 

Best courses to become an entrepreneur: 

  • Coursera’s Entrepreneurship Specialization
  • Coursera’s Innovation: From Creativity to Entrepreneurship Specialization
  • Udacity’s How to Build a Startup  
  • Harvard University’s Technology Entrepreneurship: Lab to Market 
  • Udemy’s How to Come up With Killer Business Ideas 

2. Financial Analyst 

Suppose your mind can easily differentiate between the credit and debit side, and you understand the aspects of the financial world. In that case, you should consider becoming Financial Analysts as the best career option after class 12th commerce. In giant corporations, these analysts work as financial advisors helping them to avoid risk and grow investments. They are liable to advise the organization on which assets to own and which to drop. 

Best courses for Financial Analysts: 

3. Career Strategy Advisor

If you adopt this career option, then you will involve yourself in helping others to find the most suitable career options. You will guide them with your strategic plans and actions toward a successful career option. This can be the best career option after class 12th commerce if you focus on helping others in their professional journey. Lay a path for them with the best career strategy you got toward satisfying professional life. Furthermore, as a Career Strategy Advisor, you can upgrade to Strategic Project Manager. 

The best courses to become a career strategy advisor are: 

  • Guidance and Counselling by SWAYAM 
  • Global Career Counsellor Certification
  • Certified Career Analyst
  • Certified Career Counselor by Idreamcarrer 
  • Career Counselling Certification for Coaches and Job Seekers by Udemy 

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4. Organizational Behaviour

A professional with full-fledged knowledge of organizational behaviour can help a company understand its hired people’s behaviour. This process helps an organization build better communication and coordination among employees. 

Best courses for Organization Behaviour: 

  • Organizational Behavior Graduate Certificate 
  • Organizational Behaviour Certification by Swayam 
  • Organizational Behavior Courses by edx 
  • Organizational Behaviour Course by Great Learning 
  • Organisational Project Management by Erudera  

5. Material Management

A professional in Material Management is supposed to be highly reliable and productive. This is one of the best career options after class 12th commerce, but it can be challenging. In this profession, the managers are responsible for procuring, storing, distributing, or supplying the materials.

Best courses for Material Management:

  • Certified Material Management Professional by Vskills
  • Coursera’s Circular Economy – Sustainable Materials Management
  • SAP Material Management Consultant Training Beginner to Adv by Udemy
  • Certificate Program in Materials Management at Welingkar Mumbai
  • Managerial Decision Making – Materials and Warehousing by Alison