In today’s world where technology is our priority and the internet becomes a must need for everyone. Smartphones play an intelligent role in everyone’s life, android phones become a necessity like food for people. Because android phones are cost-effective and easily available at low prices.

People have thus become slaves to the internet, and occasionally they become frustrated when they don’t find their mobile devices near them because there are numerous useful Android applications that can help us with our daily tasks. Whether it’s ordering groceries, food, or medicine, everything can be done with just a click thanks to these applications. Here is a list that you need to check for the most suitable Android app for you, these are the most common and most useful apps for students as well as for others. We will discuss the most useful apps for Android that you need to install for daily use.

Best and useful apps for daily life

Best and useful apps for daily life
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1. Google Photos 

In today’s world, taking pictures and videos is a need. The incredibly comprehensive Google Photos app makes it simple for us to capture pictures and videos, look for them, arrange them into records, share them with family and friends, and, most importantly, back up our collected data to prevent it from getting lost. 

2. Google Find My Device – Free App for Android

One of the top free Android applications of any time is Find My Device from Google, which is useful in the event that your mobile device is stolen or lost. The finest benefit is that you can remove all the information from your Android, and also it is very easy to use. It can help you to locate a lost or stolen device and also allows you to alter the pin or passcode, and it can help locate the owner of the device. Geolocation and distant information deletion are two of their enticing qualities. 

Features –
  • Locate any device on which you have the same login information, including phones.
  • wipe the data on the phone remotely
  • Lock the missing smartphone or turn on some music to find it

3. Gmail – One of the best Android apps

The Internet has fundamentally altered how we utilize daily mail, which is necessary for our survival. These days, you need to have Gmail loaded on your cell phone in order to manage your email entirely while on the move. Few Android apps are used as frequently as Gmail, one of the best free options with over 5 billion installations. So you can say that Gmail is the most daily used app in the world.

  • Free push notifications are provided by one of the greatest Android applications.
  • Quick and timely updates
  • Connected to Google Docs
  • Connects to each of your connections across all platforms

4. Ground News

One of the best and most useful free Android apps is Ground News, it aims to deliver truthful, accurate, and thoroughly examined news from all political perspectives. You may utilize visualization and comparison features to comprehend the news you’re reading, including bias, factuality, and ownership data, with the best free Android app, which also offers a subscription option.

5. Telegram

With more than 700+ million daily active users, Telegram has become one of the world’s most well-liked and safe messaging platforms after WhatsApp’s contentious privacy policy overhaul. This app performs well regarding security and confidentiality and is beneficial when installed on your mobile device. Telegram is an interesting and useful app for you if you want to safely deliver your messages to others.

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6. Google Assistant – Free App for Android

One of the most helpful apps for daily usage, Google Assistant enables users to interact, navigate, and do a variety of other tasks. With the aid of 30+ voice commands, you may use this one of the best free Android applications to ask inquiries, make plans, play games, activate programs, etc.

Regardless of the phone’s producer, this best-in-class free Android app operates with identical functionality on almost all models. One of the top free Android applications even supports voice screen unlock on some smartphones. You can use Google Assistant to obtain customized results if you use Google products like Maps, Search, or Chrome.

  • It is one of the top free Android apps and offers visual reactions with Hdmi.
  • Call someone with Google Home.
  • It’s available in a variety of locales and dialects for iOS as well.
  • just turn on your phone, serves as a reminder to you of crucial dates and times.

7. Microsoft Office

Among the most popular and effective applications in the Google Play market is Microsoft Office. You just cannot function without utilizing Microsoft Office. Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint were all bundled in the initial release of Office.

A common spell checker, OLE data connection, and Visual Basic for software scripting language are some of the main features that have been added to office software throughout the years.

Scanning PDF files, editing spreadsheets, and document creation are all simple tasks that MS Office for Android enables. You may quickly sign in, sign in, and cloud sync data between your laptop and your mobile device.

8. Truecaller – Free App for Android

Today’s built-in telephone directory applications have their restrictions, but one of the useful Android apps available for download, Truecaller, goes further than usual to ensure that users constantly have accessibility to the required data. It enables you to seek contact details using a number or name, recognize incoming calls, have calls blocked for you, and ensure that you never need to check elsewhere for the correct contact information.

This new Android app has developed beyond merely a community for phone IDs to include UPI payments and recharges. The Android software you need for secure and effective communication is Truecaller, which boasts a user base of 25 crores and a spam list that is updated by millions of people worldwide.

Features of the best free Android app
  • Truecaller offers free texting with your buddies.
  • Unknown calls and SMS messages are automatically identified.
  • Identifies spamming and advertising calls and SMS and allows you to ban them.
  • Transfers of cash that are safe, secure, and quick, cell recharge, and bill payments

9. Evernote

One of the finest free Android applications, Evernote, will help you to organize all your notes quickly and always have your best idea close at hand. You don’t have to be concerned about forgetting anything because Evernote allows you to store your thoughts, work-related drafts, or personal notes on your smartphone, enhancing your efficiency in everyday chores.

One of the essential Android applications is Evernote, which has a tonne of extra functions and supports many different note-taking formats. To your notes, you may add text, images, music, video, drawings, PDFs, and online clippings. Additionally, you are able to scan and annotate items, such as business cards, doodles, printed papers, and handwriting. This most recent software is much more than simply a digital notepad for Android phone users. So you can say that Evernote is one of the best apps that make life easier.


These are some of the most useful Android apps in daily life in India that help to ease your daily life and also will help you to secure your Android phone from being stolen or also from online data thefts. There are more on the list… Stay tuned for more.