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Disclaimer for ReadersPrime

The stuff you see on this website is meant to inform, not to make any big guarantees. We’re www.readersprime.com, and we’re not saying everything here is foolproof or perfect. Whatever you decide to do with the info you find on our site is on you—we won’t be responsible for any hiccups along the way.

You can explore other websites through the links on our site. We aim for quality and ethical links, but we don’t control the content on those sites. Just because we link to them doesn’t mean we endorse everything there. Keep in mind, websites and their content can change, sometimes before we can remove a link that’s not up to par.

Before you click away from our site, remember that other websites have their own rules about privacy and terms. Take a quick look at their Privacy Policies and “Terms of Service” before you do any business or share info. Stay informed!


By continuing to use our website you hereby agree to our disclaimer and its terms and conditions.


This disclaimer was last updated on Thursday, October 1, 2023 Any changes to this document will be clearly stated here.

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