Is a premium subscription to Semrush, Ahref or any other SEO tool is too much for you? Well, it is true that paying around $100 a month is too much of an expense for many people. However, without the help of these tools, the life of an SEO person becomes very difficult. They are extremely essential to tracking website performance and execute optimizations. So, the fundamental alternative to buying these expensive tools is to look for the best SEO group buy websites that offer tools for cheap. Just by spending a few bucks at these sites, you will be able to save a lot. These websites offer group SEO plans, which consist of a variety of premium tools like Semrush, Ahref, Canva, Grammarly, etc. With this said, let’s explore the names of these amazing websites.

Top 10 Best SEO Group Buy Websites to Get Tools for Cheap
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What are SEO Group Buy Tools?

You can think of SEO Group Buy tools as a service offered by a variety of websites selling subscriptions to many premium tools like Canva, Hootsuite, ahref, spyfu, etc., at very low prices. Primarily, these websites sell a bunch of premium tools for just under ₹2,000. Whereas if you buy them from the official websites, then it may cost up to 20 times more of this value.

Furthermore, if you don’t want to purchase a collection of tools, then these websites also offer individual plans. For instance, if you don’t want Canva, Grammarly and Spyfu but only have a need for Semrush, then you can get it under ₹400 for a month at any SEO group buy tools website.

Top 10 SEO Group Buy Websites to Buy Premium Tools at Low Prices

1. SeoToolAdda

SeoToolAdda is the first one on our list because of the many facilities it offers. First of all, the prices are low, and your data is 100 percent safe on this website. Then, the SEO group buy plans are also very cheap. You can buy SEO tools via both individual plans and group plans. For example, you can buy Semrush for just ₹249 and Ahref for ₹1,999. But if you want to use all 26 tools, then you can get them for ₹1,999. However, you will have to register with your Email ID at this website to buy the tools. So, with all the features in mind, this is probably one of the best SEO group buy tools on the Internet.


Another convenient and reliable SEO group buy tools buy website is, from which you also get 24*7 customer support. You cannot only buy SEO tools at low prices, but you will also get chat support to resolve any issue related to payments, subscription plans, etc. The very basic plan of this website costs $9 and offers tools like Semrush, Moz, Woorank, Canva, Vista Create, Skillshare, etc.


This website’s entire interface is similar to SEOtooladda, so you will not have any problem signing up. Group SEO tools are also called shared tools because one premium account is shared between multiple users to distribute the high price among individuals. has adapted this service very well. The platform has more than 20 tools to cover your SEO and creative needs. The reason to call this website one of the best SEO group buy tool providers is that it promises 95% uptime to its users. So, if you want to use this platform, just register yourself, buy a plan, install its extension into Chrome and enjoy the performance.

4. is in the fourth position of this blog because it offers 100+ for just $20. It can be said that it is one of the best SEO group buy tools websites at the cheapest rates. Another special news is that you can also buy Amazon group tools at the same price. In terms of reliability, they even offer 24/7 customer support.


The very basic SEO group plan of costs $9, and the maximum price you can pay for its enterprise-level plans is $19. Such low prices give SEO people encouragement to use premium tools. Everyone can afford it and dreams of ranking on Google. However, a user is only restricted to using them on one single device at a time. Otherwise, your account can be terminated if multiple logins are detected.


Next is, a deserving name to be on the list of best SEO group buy tools websites. It offers the best services with 90 percent uptime for using tools. For data security, you can entirely rely on; no one other than you can access or utilize data. However, before you can buy tools, you cannot see what options you are getting until you complete registration.

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7. has been offering SEO services for a very long time now. It has been a trusted SEO group buy tool platform for hundreds of SEO teams since its release with efficiency. The price range of tools on this website ranges from $1 to $250. You will love this website as an SEO because of the number and variety of tools it has. You can even buy Amazon group tools on this platform.

8. has been active for five years now, with multiple payment options for convenience. The reputation of this website is developed because of its 100% uptime for every tool you buy. The variety of tools on this website covers the needs of not only SEO experts but also writers, designers, proofreaders, etc. Moreover, you will be shocked to learn that offers seven-day payback guarantees.


Whether you want a single tool or the whole package, is the platform where you want to go. On this website, if you think the package tools will not be of use, then let us tell you that it offers a custom selection. Choose the tools that you want and pay accordingly. Moreover, there is no need to install any extension for this website. Use the tools without any complex process.


Customer support, 30+ tools, multi-OS support, no need to use only Chrome, high uptime, etc., are only a few of the many features of It is probably one of the best SEO group buy tools websites to trust.

How to Select the Best SEO Group Buy Tool Website for You?

This is one of the most important questions after reading this blog. So here’s the answer:

  • First, identify which tools you want to use.
  • Now, compare prices as per the quality.
  • Check the usage limit and compare it with your utilization needs.
  • Finally, with all these stats in your mind, choose the right website out of these ten.