Graphic designing is highly beneficial for any business to communicate better with its audience. As per the experts, major business entities using visual marketing methods get a very positive response from their customers over those organizations that don’t or can’t due to limited budget. 

AI Tools and Graphic Designing

How Important a Graphic Designer is for a Business? 

Graphic Designers are the most essential part of the marketing world. The words we thought of but can’t be described by just text are transformed into amazing illustrations by their creativity for the people. A business needs a graphic designing team to create a positive image of its product or services in the minds of its target customers. The team creates highly creative infographics, flyers, online ads campaigns, etc to display the pure intentions of a business, as how their products or services can benefit them. 

AI Tools Have Revolutionised Graphic Designing? 

AI or Artificial Intelligence powered graphic designing tools have rapidly transformed the Digital Marketing World. The industry has now access to more affordable forms of online marketing methods with AI tools. Even companies with low to no budget at all for digital marketing are promoting their products and services very efficiently. Ultimately, AI tools have made the life of designers much easier than before. 

What is an AI Graphic Designing Tool? 

AI stands for Artificial Intelligence, a computer program that can self-learn specific tasks to make life easy for humans. AI is highly volatile, it can adapt to situations very fast. So, a machine powered by AI can perform complex operations, make new adjustments in real time, and even predict the outcome. 

Similarly in the Graphic Designing process, AI tools are becoming a big help. They are boosting creativity and work processes, and helping tools to adjust to customer preferences instantly. This has become a win-win situation for both creators and marketers in boosting brand engagement. 

Top 5 AI Graphic Designing Tools List to Boost Creativity: 


Jasper AI Graphic Designing Tool
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Jasper.AI is an amazing art generation AI graphic designing tool that can craft images and unique content in seconds at demand. The platform offers you to generate unlimited art content all in 2K high-quality resolution with no watermark. 

Jasper is a lot faster than any other art generator. Within seconds the AI-powered platform can create anything you demand. As all the great things come at a price, Jasper also charges $24 per month, starting with a 5-day free trial. 

Furthermore, Jasper also has an AI chatbot named JasperChat, which can write anything you ask. It can create any type of content including descriptions, blogs, articles, applications, requests, wishes, etc. 


Designs AI graphic designing tool
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Designs.AI is another smart art generation platform. By using this platform you can create logos, images, banners, graphics, videos, infographics, social media posters, etc, all in seconds. Designs.AI is the perfect tool for digital marketing associates to craft creative content on their own. 

With Designs.AI you can either start designing from scratch or you can choose a creative template out of a library of thousands. It is said, this platform has a massive collection of 20,000 templates and 10,000 icons. 

This platform can offer you any design based on your instructions as it is powered by self-learning AI. Moreover, you will get to use amazing assistive tools to convert your imagination into creativity. And download it as many times as you want with unlimited download features. 

Adobe Sensei 

Adobe Sensei AI Design Tool
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Designing capabilities of Adobe Sensei are powered by AI and machine learning. It is the perfect AI graphic designing tool to craft graphics for marketing and advertising purposes. It works faster, better, and more efficiently. This platform can create anything you can think of. 

Adobe Sensei offers a powerful design platform to create high-quality graphics from scratch. You can craft images with custom sizes and resolutions as per your display type. 

Adobe built and introduced this platform in 2016, which has now become a revolutionary design solution for digital marketers. With preloaded templates and thousands of creative suggestions and graphic elements, even a beginner can create professional designs. 


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Uizard was started as a research project in 2017, which was powered by Machine Learning. Today, it has more than 4,00,000 designer and non-designer users working on over 8,000 projects each week. The goal of this platform was to help everyone create innovative digital products to attract their target audiences. 

The capabilities of Uizard are not limited to creating promotional creatives. Instead, users can even create professional website designs, web interfaces, mobile apps, and portals. 

Uizard can even scan and add hand-drawn sketches to design projects. Also, there are hundreds of unique templates, drag-and-drop elements, and preloaded creatives that will make it a lot easier to design digital products. 

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One of the best AI tools to generate HTML CSS source codes for designers is Fronty. It allows you to generate source codes for your uploaded images in seconds. For designers, it makes their designing life a lot easier. 

Fronty revolutionizes the way of creating websites for professionals. This online designing tool is powered by AI and utilizes 11 different technologies including HTML5 and Google Analytics. 

For Fronty to generate an HTML CSS code for you, an image will have to be uploaded of your web page design. Then the AI plays its part and scans the different aspects of the image to generate the code