As the golden years of school life ends, a critical question that stresses the students’ mind is Which career option to choose after 12th? The answer to this question can be tricky to find as the students get confused among the many options they get. Especially for the arts students, it becomes very difficult to decide, as there are very limited career options for them. The science behind choosing the right option is to analyze and evaluate your skills and basic understanding of the field you want to pursue. Well, let’s explore the different career options for arts students providing significant growth.

10 Growthful Career Options for Arts Students to Secure Success in Life
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Here are the Best Career Options for Arts Students to Opt

1. Bachelor of Arts or BA

BA is a 3-year graduation course in streams like social science, humanities, and liberal arts. Under these streams, the students can choose different specializations like History, Geology, Archaeology, Literature, Journalism, Mass and Communication, and Environmental science ( Major). It is one of the most common and fruitful career options for arts students to choose from.

The average salary after BA can be ₹4.0 Lakh

Jobs to explore after BA:

a. Content writer

b. Administrative Assistant

c. Journalist

d. Human Resource Manager(HR)

e. Executive Assistant

2. Bachelor of Fine Arts or B.F.A

For Arts students, one of the most popular career options after class 12th is choosing a BFA or Bachelor of Fine Arts. This option has the potential to open a lot of growthful career options for you. If you have a knack for professions like painting, singing, music, filmmaking, content writing, animations, etc., then BFA will be the best course choice for you after class 12th. It is a 3-year degree course offering a wide range of academic and career options for the students.

The average salary after BFA can be ₹5,30,422

Jobs to explore after BFA:

a. Graphic Designer

b. Art Director

c. Illustrator

d. Photographer

e. Animator

f. Creative director

g. Art Teacher

h. Film director

i. Designer

3. Bachelor of Business Administration or BBA

Moving up to the list now we have another option as BBA or Bachelors of Business Administration. Again it is a 3 year graduation course and one of the most common career options for Arts students. One thing very versatile about this course is that no matter which stream you are from science, commerce, or arts, you can get admission to BBA. If you have an interest in business or marketing then this course will be the best career maker for you.

The average salary after BBA can be ₹4,42,251

Jobs to explore after BBA:

a. Marketing management

b. Marketing

c. Human Resources

d. Investment banking

e. Business

f. Entrepreneurship

g. Event management

h. Financial Management

i. Market research

4. BA + LLB ( Integrated Course)

One of the best career options for Arts students is BA+LLB, an integrated five-year course, which will provide a good opportunity to create a career in the field of law. As the name sounds this course is a combination of both Bachelors of Arts & Law. The most beneficial factor about this career option is that you will have a dual degree after completion. Students will be able to select law subjects like criminal law, corporate law, evidence law, environmental law, etc.

The average salary after BA + LLB can be: ₹5,00,000- ₹8,00,000

Jobs to explore after BA + LLB:

a. Legal Secretary

b. Law Clerk

c. Legal Associate/Advisor

d. Litigation Lawyer

e. Criminal Lawyer

f. Legal Analyst

g. Company Secretary

h. Legal Advisor

5. Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication

If you are still in search of the best career options for arts students then a Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication comes next as one of the major career makers. This is a 3-year full-time graduation course divided into 6 semesters.

The average salary after a Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication can be around: ₹4,00,000

Jobs to explore after Bachelors of Journalism and Mass Communication:

a. Journalist

b. Radio Jockey (RJ)

c. Content Creator

d. Public Relations Professional

e. Publicity/Advertising Industry

f. Broadcasting and Production

6. Bachelor in Fashion Designing

After class 12th from Arts, a Bachelor in Fashion Designing is a pretty decent career option. It is a 3-4 year graduation course teaching you all about making a career in the Fashion industry. If you are someone who loves to design his clothes and other wearable accessories or follow other professional fashion designers then this course is the best for you.

The average salary after a Bachelor’s in Fashion design can be around: ₹5,93,218

Jobs to explore after Bachelors in Fashion Designing:

a. Fashion designer

b. Retail buyer

c. Retail manager

d. Retail merchandiser

e. Stylist

f. Textile designer

g. Visual merchandiser

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7. Bachelors of Hotel Management

You will be welcomed to the Hotel Industry after doing a 3-4 years course of Bachelors of Hotel Management. This is one of the most intriguing full-time career options for Arts students after class 12th. This will teach you about the professional knowledge used in the fields like tourism, event management, food, and beverage industry.

The average salary after a Bachelor of Hotel Management can be around: ₹ 3,10,000

Jobs to explore after Bachelor of Hotel Management:

a. Accommodation manager

b. Catering manager

c. Chef

d. Conference center manager

e. Event manager

f. Fast food restaurant manager

g. Holiday representative

h. Hotel manager

i. Public house manager

j. Restaurant manager

8. Event Management

Do you like managing party functions or other event planning? If yes then Event management can be the course option for you after passing class 12th from arts. Events are the most important for any family or an organisation and if you are contributing to making it dashingly successful then you are most likely to be paid well. This is a full-time 3 3-year graduation course as others, which will train you in fields like event building, project planning, reporting, and marketing.

The average salary after Event Management can be around: ₹₹6,25,000

Jobs to explore after Event Management:

a. Conference center manager

b. Event manager

c. Hotel manager

d. Outdoor activities/education manager

e. Public house manager

f. Restaurant manager

9. Bachelor of Economics

Still, confused about which path to choose after Class 12th? Then let me suggest Economics. A Bachelor of Economics is a trained professional who gets expert knowledge in fields like statistical analytics and theories. It is again a 3-year graduation course after which students can also choose to pursue an MBA in Finance for a high-paying career option.

The average salary after a Bachelor of Economics can be around: ₹3,90,000

Jobs to explore after Bachelor of Economics:

a. Auditor

b. Economic Consultant

c. Actuarial Analyst

d. Financial Risk Analyst

e. Financial Manager

f. Tutor

g. Subject Matter Expert

h. Human Resources

i. Market Analyst

j. Banker

k. Operations Manager

l. Economic Writer

m. Economist

n. Sales Analyst

o. Investment Analyst

10. Bachelor in English

Did literature interest you in school life? If yes, don’t be confused about career options for art students after class 12th. Just get your Bachelor’s degree in English and open the door to various well-paying jobs in 2023.

The average salary after a Bachelor’s in English can be around: ₹4,13,822

Jobs to explore after Bachelor in English:

a. Content Writing

b. Journalism

c. Social Media Marketing

d. Copywriter

e. Translator