Nowadays, online AI tools are creating a lot of buzz in the digital world. They are becoming very efficient and helpful for every person of all age groups. From a 10 year old child to a working professional everybody is seeking assistance from these tools. The most significant change these AI tools are making is in education. They are brilliant choices when it comes to collecting data from different sources and learning better. Whether an 8th standard student or a college graduate these AI tools are for everyone to learn from. Let’s start with the essential list of the 10 best AI tools for students to help achieve the best learning growth.

Top 10 Best AI Tools for Students to Improve Academic Performance

1. Querium

Querium AI tools for students
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Querium is one of the most reliable AI tools for students helping them to enhance academic performance by answering every question with the best solution. This AI tool has a very reliable chatbot that cannot only provide answers but can also create personalized improvement strategies for students. Also, NLP technology is being used by this AI Chatbot to provide accurate answers.

2. TutorMe

TutorMe AI tools for Education
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Do you want a tutor that can answer 24 hours anytime? TutorMe, an elite AI tool for education, can help students in their academic growth by answering questions anytime they want. You can think of this AI tool as a private teacher, which can explain complex maths calculations and scientific phenomena in seconds. Moreover, TutorMe uses a complex machine learning algorithm to offer students personalized improvement advice based on their academic performance or data.

3. Kaltura

Kaltura AI tools for Students
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On Kaltura, a video cloud for education, students can upload their academic content and create personalized videos based on course structures or lessons. Kaltura is an AI tool for students that offers many video products and services like video streaming, editing, analytics, and branding. So, the students can make customized video content for a structured learning program.

4. Edmentum

Edmentum AI tools for Education
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Unlike all AI tools, Edmentum is a lead provider of online learning programs for learners of every age group. The goal of Edmentum is to raise the academic performance of every child from nursery to class 12th. With products like online learning materials, professional development programs, mock tests, and exam-ready practice materials the educational standards of the students can thrive.

5. Speechify

Speechify AI tools for Students
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Listening instead of reading is a more effective method to learn and understand concepts. With Speechify, a free AI tool for education, you can convert any text into audio. So, students can understand the tough concepts of science and maths while listening to the audio. Just visit Speechify and convert your textbooks to audiobooks.

6. Anki

Anki AI tools for Education
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Anki is a flashcard program that uses AI powers to help anyone remember anything. It uses the tech of spaced repetitions to make people remember things easily.

7. Quillbot

Quillbot AI tools for Students
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Quillbolt is one of the best AI tools for students which can help improve their writing skills. It is a paraphrasing AI tool that enhances the quality of written content. Whether you want to edit individual sentences or complete articles, the Quillbot AI tool can handle it all.

8. StepWise Math

StepWise Math AI tools for Students
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StepWise Math is a very unique AI tool for education. To be exact it is an online tutoring platform for education which is powered by AI. StepWise Math can help a student improve his or her mathematical skills significantly.

9. Woot Math

Woot Math AI tools for Education
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Another one of the best AI tools for students to enhance their maths skills. This is a platform where students can ask for simple solutions for their complex maths problems. Woot Math offers innovative explanations which make learning maths very desirable for students.

10. Smart Sparrow

Smart Sparrow AI tools for Students
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A clever online school that uses machine learning to personalize lessons for each student and regularly assess their progress. It utilizes a web-based software package to create adaptive learning apps and content, distribute them, and analyze how students engage with them.

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What is the best AI for students?

There are not one but many AI tools available for students to improve their academic performance. You will have to select as per your needs whether you want a writing tool, a video-making tool, or a platform that offers learning programs. Take help from this blog which contains the name of the 10 best AI tools for education for students of every age.

What are AI tools for education?

As a student, you can choose any of the following helpful AI tools from this list of top 10:

  • Querium
  • TutorMe
  • Kaltura
  • Edmentum
  • Speechify
  • Anki
  • Quillbot
  • StepWise Math
  • Woot Math
  • Smart Sparrow

What AI is best for homework?

Whether it is maths, science, or any other subject you can take the help of Socratic, an AI tool best for your homework. You can use this tool besides your lessons to get more visual explanations to understand the concepts better.

Is there a free AI tool?

This is the era that can be marked as the beginning of the AI generation. So you can say that there are hundreds of AI tools available now for free to complete different types of tasks. For Writing, video editing, education, learning new concepts, solving complex scientific problems, etc, there are many AI tools to make work easy.