The main difference between Uber Connect and UberX lies in the type of service they offer. With Uber Connect, your customer will opt for a service that will move items or goods, not people. Uber X is a standardized service that allows users to take affordable trips. In this blog, you will learn how these two services work, their benefits, and how to add them to your Uber-like app.


With a market cap of $115 billion by 2023, Uber will cover 25% of the global ride-sharing and taxi markets. It has seeped into every type of 4-wheel transport and has popularized the on-demand model across different streams. Uber Connect and UberX are two of the many products that Uber offers as a part of their goal to bring innovation to the ride-hailing market. Let’s learn about each product and see the difference they make.

What is Uber Connect?

Uber Connect is a service that sends and receives packages directly from one person to another. In other words, it’s a courier service that allows users to send anything quickly. It is essential to have an Uber account with a valid payment option to use Uber Connect.

How Uber Connect works?

By choosing the Uber Connect option, a driver is requested to transport the package to the designated drop-off location. It works by selecting the package option in the Uber app and following the in-app instructions to continue the process. Moreover, the in-app tracking feature tracks the package until it’s received by the person at the other end.

Benefits of Using Uber Connect

Uber has become a synonym for fast delivery services. With ride-hailing at the front, it is known to take the on-demand model to other services. As a result, Uber Connect works the same way as booking a ride, but for items or goods. Along with it, tons of benefits come with this service.


Booking a package delivery is available anytime, as long as there is a nearby driver to accept the service.


Since it’s an on-demand service, the package is usually delivered to the receiver within an hour.


The Uber app tracks the vehicle with the package and notifies the sender when it is done.


The driver checks the package thoroughly before pickup to ensure no illegal items are there and seals it thoroughly. Moreover, the size of the item must fit in the trunk of the car or in a backpack if sent via scooter.

What is UberX

Uber X is a standard ride-hailing service that can pick up four people on the same trip. It’s Uber’s more affordable service, as it offers fair value for its price. Moreover, the service is designed for people in a hurry who need a taxi as soon as possible. With the help of Uber X, you can book a private ride at an everyday price in advance. As a result, it is an excellent option for people on a schedule or going for an appointment.

How to ride with UberX

The process follows the traditional booking style of entering the destination address to see the amount. This amount also depends on the type of car that accepts the booking with the UberX option. There is also the option of choosing UberX share to save up to 20% of the ride’s total cost. It works by matching a rider who has opted for the same option and is going on the same route. Therefore, the ride’s total cost can be distributed among the passengers in advance.

Benefits of Using UberX

Uber X is a standard flagship service covering every other option, from carpooling to luxury vehicles. It was the first service to introduce on-demand booking using a smartphone for taxicabs from any location. As a result, it offers a ton of consistent benefits that affect billions of people’s lives daily.

  • Low-cost, high-quality

Uber X is the lowest-cost option without affecting the quality of the ride or the driver. It can seat up to four passengers, along with music and air conditioning.

  • Modern Models

UberX cars are normally comfortable four-door sedans from leading car manufacturers. Uber insists on using modern models that are mostly from the 2000s.

  • Ensured Safety

Every driver goes through a background check on their vehicles to ensure safety.

UberX vs. Uber Connect Rate Comparison

The base price depends on per-minute rates, subject to cancellation fees based on the distance traveled. UberX and Uber Connect’s pricing structure may differ during peak times than usual, but the base price remains the same. In other words, the cost of the trip is not affected by whether it is moving a package or a person. However, fares for UberX tend to be more expensive than an Uber Connect trip due to factors like wait time.

How To Add UberX and Connect Service To Your Uber-like App

Ride-hailing Uber-like apps take months to develop from scratch. Moreover, the design, features, and native interface development take multiple developers to code and test before adding more services. A basic Uber-like app costs around $25,000 to $50,000 and offers only ride-hailing services. However, if you want your app to have multiple services like X or Connect, you need a massive budget and at least six months to see the final picture.

That is why it is advisable to invest in the best Uber Clone app on the market. These clones are usually pre-loaded with features like X and connect with others. You can start your search by looking for top white-label firms offering at least one year of support and maintenance. Also, they must have nearly a decade of experience in the clone app development niche.


As stated before, Uber has launched many different products as a part of its bigger plan to cover the niche ride-hailing market. Seeing this rapid incline in usage, there is no doubt that it will continue to dominate the market in the coming years. If you want the same dominance in your regional or local market, invest in a ready-made clone solution to buy the entire app without spending much on design and development.

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