WhatsApp is an amazing instant messaging app designed for users to interact with friends and family members in an interactive way. Users can send text, images, and documents up to 2GB of file size, videos, stickers, GIFs, and more as messages to communicate. In addition to this, Meta has also added a few more magical features to stay ahead of its competitors. Moreover, the users are very happy and satisfied with what WhatsApp has offered in the last two years.

But this is not the case for everybody. Some are still demanding to unlock the full potential of WhatsApp. You know, there is another unofficial version of WhatsApp that is known as GB WhatsApp. It unlocks all the limits that Meta has put on WhatsApp. This unlocked version is the modded apk of the original application which allows users to enjoy WhatsApp without restrictions or limitations.

What is GB WhatsApp?

GB WhatsApp is a modded or unlocked version of the original WhatsApp which allows users to turn off the restrictions like sending images in high resolution, setting up automatic replies, hiding read messages tick, writing an extended character limit for updating status, and more. In short, WhatsApp is on steroids.

Reasons Why You Should Use GB WhatsApp:

GB WhatsApp is for people who want more. The original WhatsApp is only for those who want to send and read messages, that’s it.

Here’re a few reasons to make up your mind about using GB WhatsApp:

  • You will be able to use WhatsApp without limitations.
  • It allows you to share large-sized files which the official app doesn’t allow.
  • It will enhance your user experience with a large range of handy features.
  • After installing GBWhatsApp you will be able to customise the appearance completely.
  • Helps you to get relief from all WhatsApp bugs and errors.

List of All the Unique Features You Get With GB WhatsApp

DND Mode

DND means do not disturb. If you want to use WhatsApp without showing your online presence then you can install GB WhatsApp and use this feature. It will completely hide your presence, even blue ticks, so that no one can know you are online or you have read some messages.

Get Full Privacy Control

After getting full access to all unlocked features of WhatsApp you will be able to fully control your privacy settings.

You can:

  • Hide online status
  • Remove the double tick, which shows the delivered message.
  • Hide blue tick
  • Edit complete microphone settings.
  • If you type then nobody can see your typing status.
  • If you record, then nobody can see your recording status.

Schedule Messages to Send

With this unlocked version, you can schedule your messages for anyone. If you want a message to be delivered to a specific person or a group at a particular time then you can schedule the messages with this feature. You will simply have to type a message and set a date & time to send it.

Send Largely Sized Files

WhatsApp has a file size limit of up to 2GB till which you are allowed to send any content as documents. So, you will have to send a file as a document category to share it. But this is not the case with GB WhatsApp features, you can send any type of large-sized media file to anyone you like. There is no need to categorize it as a document to share it.

Send Without Compression

One very famous drawback of WhatsApp is that it sends images or videos after compressing them. This decreases the quality of the files which removes all the fun. But with the modded apk version you can share any type of image, video, or document in original format without any decompression or quality loss.

Ability to Clear or Access Log Files

One of the most popular features of GBWhatsApp is it allows users to access or clear the WhatsApp log files. This feature clearly benefits you as you can clear up more space on your device by erasing log files when needed.

Customize Appearance

From the menu screen to chat appearance, after getting GB WhatsApp features you can completely customize the look of your WhatsApp. You can make it darker with black or brighter with aesthetic colors, you will have full power.